appreance: colorless&transparent liquid;purity:98%(1-pentence≥90%;2-pentence≤7%;saturated dimer≤1.5%;AMS≤0.5);
Product Description:
non- mercaptan molecular weight regulator; lubricant oil; heat transfer fluid.
It is widely applied to polymerization of acrylic resin,coating material,printing ink,AS,ABS,EPS,PS,polychloroprene, SBR latexb and alkenes articles.At the same time,it can be used as anti-scorcher,but you need to control temperature very well for hydroperoxides cross-linking in case of higher temperature in the beginning,which results in cross-linking at early stage(coking).So we’d better stop the badly coking by adding of MSD.Meanwhile,it is reported that MSD not only prevents the early cross-linked of polyethylene and its copolymer,but modifies cross-linking simultaneously.
Use level:
Having an equal mole of dodecyl mercaptan.
Packing, storage and transportation:
1. Packed in 200 KG iron drum or 25 KG plastic one(or as your special demand)
2. Please store in cool and dry place with ventilation. The effective storage time is 2 years.
3. This product is non-toxic and non-dangerous goods.

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