pams resin series

Pams-100 resin

Pams-110 resin

Pams-120 resin

Pams-130 resin

appreance:white powder;soften point:95-1000Cvolatilized matter:≤0.5ash content:≤0.001

appreance:white powder;soften point:105-1150Cvolatilized matter:≤0.5ash content:≤0.001

appreance:white powder;soften point:115-1250Cvolatilized matter:≤0.5ash content:≤0.001

appreance:white powder;soften point:125-1350Cvolatilized matter:≤0.5ash content:≤0.001

macromolecular material processing modifier

1.This article is the processing aid of polyvinyl chloride and other polyole-fins.In the course of processing,it can quicken plastify,reduce the melt temperature,weaken inner resistance,and improve fluidity;which is widely used in transparent sheet of polyvinyl chloride,related hard products as well,because it maintains and improves the physical property of article,increases inserts quantity, raises color stability and the smooth finish of products.

2.It is usually used as kinds of adhesive,and modifier of coating materials,thermoplasticity polyer,etc;improving various property and workability on article.

3.It applys to rubber industry as processing aid and enhanced modifier,which is to regulate the hardness of polychloroprene,the rubber blend of butyronitrile and polyvinyl chloride,natural gum as well; to elevate the resistance to ripping and abrasive resistance of cross-linked rubber.

4.It also applys to ABS, styrene,etc.and plastic color master batch,instead of low-molecular wax.

5. It applys to the rubber and plastic foamed products,promoting fluidity and gel,increasing bulk agent dosage,foam ratio,and color stability,enhancing properties of matter,resistance to ripping and extensibility.

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