V-276 Plasticizer
Parameter: Refraction(ND20)≥1.5760
Product Description:this product is plasticizer of PVC, being two features as heat resistant and specified duration.While its migratory aptitude does not touch the polyester plasticizers,and soapy water - resistant spare performance is better than polyester plasticizers abviously.Furtherly, heat stability, compatibility, workability,and low temperature resistance of polyester plasticizers is inferior to it as well.It has low heat volatility extremely,such as thermal volatilization only 4.4%(heat deterioration-1360C/7 days),much better than dipentaerythritol ester.Due to its good electric insulativity,it applys to special fields of durable&heat resistance plate,sheet,gland,etc.,and electric cable materials ranking as 90-105℃; vinyl chloride copolymer, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose,poly methyl methacrylate,etc. and many other plastics.
Packing, storage and transportation:
1. Packed in 200 KG iron drum.
2. Please store in cool and dry place with ventilation. The effective storage time is 2 years.
3. This product is non-dangerous goods.

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