Butyl Stearin
Molecular weight:340.59;acid value(KOHmg/g):5, ester number(KOHmg/g):165+5,luster(iodine colorimetry):10; properties: tinted yellowish oily liquid, freezing point:20-220C
Production Description: In presence of catalytic agent- sulfuric acid,it esterifies between octadecanoic acid and butanol to get butyl stearin.
Package:165 KGS/Drum.Drum is coated internally by epoxy resin.
Application:It is the internal lubricant of resin processing,and mainly applies to the process of PVC transparent soft or hard extrusion, injection moulding,and recycle flattening products;modifies virtually the process of PVC-Vinyl Acetate copolymer, polystyrene,and butyronitrile rubber etc.
Storage and transportation:
Please store in cool and dry place with ventilation,and far from fire source.

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